Existence of a solution in the Holder space for a nonlinear functional integral equation


  • Dipankar Saha National Institute of Technology, Silchar
  • Mausumi Sen National Institute of Technology, Silchar
  • Nimai Sarkar National Institute of Technology, Silchar
  • Subhankar Saha National Institute of Technology, Silchar




Functional integral equation, Fixed point theory, Holder space


This article is entirely devoted to the application of the measure of noncompactness defined in the Holder space. Here the emphasis is on the study of the nonlinear functional integral equation with changed arguments. Precisely, the existence of a solution is obtained by employing the Darbo fixed point theorem under certain hypotheses. Finally, we provide a tangible example which supports our results.


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2020-08-28 — Updated on 2022-09-02


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