Existence and Ulam stability of solution for some backward impulsive differential equations on Banach spaces


  • Abdelouahab Mahmoudi USTHB-University
  • Arezki Kessi USTHB-University




Backward impulsive differential equations, fixed point, Ulam stability


In this paper, we study the existence and the Ulam stability of a solution to nonlinear backward impulsive differential equations with local or nonlocal conditions in Banach spaces. Using well-known classical fixed point theorems, we prove the existence of a solution. Subsequently, we prove the generalized Ulam--Hyers--Rassias stability of the solution to the problem. The obtained results are illustrated by some examples.


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Mahmoudi, A., & Kessi, A. (2021). Existence and Ulam stability of solution for some backward impulsive differential equations on Banach spaces. Armenian Journal of Mathematics, 13(8), 1–21. https://doi.org/10.52737/18291163-2021.13.8-1-21